in between times

No resolutions to post, no clarity of purpose to declare...I just keep on keepin' on, and find myself thinking on the very ordinary moments that make up my days. While I mostly find comfort in predictability, and can easily appreciate the ho-hum, I sometimes need reminding that it is often the seemingly mundane that makes way for magic.

For example, when you're in the trenches of day to day parenting it can often feel like a slog...the wiping, the feeding, the reminding, the driving, the worrying, the laundry, the listening, the repeating, the repeating, the repeating...and on it goes. Magic comes in moments, then and now, and I've always tried my best to stop and soak it up. These days, from my current parenting perch, there is no better kind of magic than that of watching our semi-adult children who have moved away and lived apart, come together choice, as friends, as I-might-be-your-harshest-critic-but-I'll-always-have-your-back, nearly 'all growed up' folks. These times, these people, they make my heart swell.

As I go through the many photos taken over the holiday season, the following handful from one particular walk are my take-away. A walk on Christmas day is a yearly tradition of ours and every year there are three things that can be counted on: 1. mom will ask for a group shot of the kids, 2. sibling shenanigans will ensue, and 3. almost all of the shots taken will include said antics. Let me add a fourth certainty: it will always be these in-between moments that resonate the loudest for me, and in addition they will likely be blurred, over- or under-exposed, and otherwise far from technically correct. What they call the imperfectly perfect...or is it the perfectly imperfect?...either way, if you ask me, these are the best of times.