nothing is impossible

Before we bump the clocks ahead an hour and the campaign for spring is in full swing, I thought I'd check in here with the winter that's been.

Aside from a sweet two week Christmas interlude and an enjoyable weekend's explore on the Oregon coast, there's been nothing much ado around here for the last several months. We were both laid low with a particularly nasty flu bug in January and, my immune system being what it is, I'm still crawling my way back to whatever counts as normal. It'll take the time that it takes I suppose. In the meantime, there have been endlessly quiet able, I knit a few stitches, read a few lines or bake a batch of something, and on a really good day I take Finn for a walk along the river. But otherwise, Netflix, mugs of hot tea, and a comfy couch laden with plush blankets and pillows have been my nearly constant companions.

'People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.' (Winnie the Pooh)